Contact us at (888) 969-7404 if you have a problem related to employment or consumer law. Our attorneys have a wealth of training and experience. Put it to use for you. Navigating the nuances of California law regarding the employer-employee relationship can be difficult for lawyers and overwhelming for non-lawyers. We hire great attorneys and train them to be superb attorneys. When you retain ILG Legal, you can rest assured that our attorneys will analyze your options, research the implications of each option, describe all reasonable approaches to you along with the corresponding risks, and let you decide which option best fits your needs and risk profile. Our attorneys will take a holistic look at your options and ensure you understand them before making the ultimate decision.

What we do for you
We solve legal problems.

We take a holistic look at our client's litigation and non-litigation circumstances before recommending a strategy. For instance, a client's current financial condition and overall risk profile are key factors that many attorneys ignore when planning litigation.

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Our clients typically fall into one of three categories: (1) Small to mid-sized employers seeking advice on policies, procedures, and practices; (2) Employers seeking representation to defend and/or settle a lawsuit or threatened lawsuit; and (3) Employees desiring to file suit against their employer.